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No "cookie Cutter" Web Sites

Each web site project is custom designed for our client! From a simple three page starter site to sites containing hundreds of pages, Damalak Associates joins with the client to arrive at the best possible site design for their applications. The investment for the project will depend on the clients requirements such as; The type of Site; Static Informational, Interactive marketing & retail, size of site, graphics and other media for example. Will you require Flash elements, You Tube elements and data base reporting from your site and many other factors.

Once the basic concept is developed then a comprehensive quotation is presented to the client. While "Cookie Cutter" (Template) sites are a quick and easy way to have a "Web presents", the client soon finds that the site looks like everyone else and does not indicate to the visitor the true image of the client. One of the biggest challenges are "Point and Click" sites that advertise to the client that they can manage the site themselves. It does not take long for the site to become outdated. There is so much more going on in the background of a properly designed site that P and C's do not address all of which lend to the proper function of the site. And sadly, the client finds out that the site cost more than advertised.

We would be happy to provide you with a quotation for your project. Contact our studio for more information or fill out the response form located on the contact page. We also have provided a pdf check list entitled "Web 101" that will help you with your website planning.


Having a great web site takes hard work. 

Taking time away from your business to manage your companys web site can be a daunting task.  A web site that is not current no longer becomes a tool to increase sales and interest in your company.  Yet somehow you can never find the time to update.  The business of your business comes first leaving web site management low on your priorities list.

The simple truth is, a properly managed web site is always current and operates properly.  Your web site is your calling card, your brochure, your image!.  In some cases your visitors first introduction to your company.  A site that is outdated, poorly laid out and not functioning correctly is both a waste of time, money and can hurt your business!    Whether you are selling a product, providing information, accuracy, speed and proper layout are important.

Whether Damalak Associates designed your site or not, we can make custom design changes, make content updates, provide search engine optimization, address page speed optimization issues and add functionality to make your website more productive and stay current.

We have several plans to fit your needs.  From our A-la-carte services to our Annual Maintenance Program( AMP) package plan, Contact Damalak Associates to discover the many benefits of outsourcing your web site management duties.

Hourly  $85.00/per Hour 
Maintain your website on an hourly rate.  
* Page modification (additions & deletes) 
* Additions of new features can also be added. Please call for quote.
* Navigation reconfiguration not included.



Monthly $165.00/per month (3 month minimum)
One regular update per month for Text and five photo changes.  
* Navigation reconfiguration not included.
*You may purchase additional hours per month at a 10% discount if fees are paid in advance of the month requiring additional service.
Annually $950.00 *
Includes: (up to 3 hours per month)
12 monthly updates including minor photo additions/corrections, text modification (up to 500 words).
*Navigation Reconfiguration, new page generation, media inserts not included.
Initial site review $175.00 includes consultation and first hour.
Per hour rate $85.00/hr. simple text updates & minor graphic changes
Additional page design $85/hr.
Advanced graphics, elaborate graphics, links and forms $85/hr
Image rework $45/hr
Internet research  $45/hr.
Shopping Cart Services Contact
E-Catalog Contact
E-mail newsletter / e-zine Contact
Database development Contact
PDF interactive form conversion $60/hr. Base
Flyer Design $45/hr. Base
Logo Design $65/hr. Base
Blog & Forum Services Contact
Media embed (Youtube, video files etc) $65/hr. Base

* Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.